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Taking Care of Your Wood Furniture

 Taking Care of Your Wood Furniture
Date Posted: 2017-06-02 |

Wood is naturally strong, durable and reliable and with it being such a big trend today, consumers are spending their hard earn dollars purchasing beautiful unique wood pieces. Live edge, bleached and reclaimed wood are a few of the current trend and after you’ve purchased your masterpiece, you are left with the question, “ how do I enjoy this thing of beauty and keep it looking great for years to come?

Dusting: Yes old fashioned dusting works like a charm. Frequent dusting removes those pesky airborne deposits which build up on your furniture. Be careful what you use to dust, using the wrong materials can cause scratches. Opt for using a clean, dry soft cloth, a feather duster or one of those commercial dusters that trap dust. To avoid dust from floating in the air and then landing back on your furniture use a very slightly dampen soft cloth and wipe. Best materials to use as recommended by the experts are a lint-free soft cloth, ostrich feather duster or a lamb’s wool duster.

Cleaning: Never use all-purpose cleaning sprays unless your furniture has a plastic coating like children’s furniture. Avoid cleaning wood with water. If you have a sticky spot use mild soap and water. Dip a cloth and wring almost dray before wiping your furniture piece. Dry immediately with a clean soft cloth. Try not to use any products that contain a high percentage of oil as this tends to smear on the wood and attracts more dust. Typically higher end manufacturers add an application to protect the surface reducing scratches.

Keep cool: Never put your wood furniture in direct sunlight. The temperature of the summer sun coming through the window can fade fine finishes and will eventually destroy your beautiful piece. The wood may eventually dry out and can crack. Placing wood furniture near heating vents and radiators can cause the same problem. If you must have your furniture close to any heat source you can use a humidifier to help bring the moisture up.

Be informed: When purchasing new or old wood furniture always ask for specific care instructions. Many retailers have an extended protection plan, usually for an additional cost, that repairs, scratches and chips. Most consumers purchase this plan as it gives them the peace of mind to enjoy their furniture knowing that there is a higher level of care and maintenance available to them.

Ask your Knock on Wood sales consultant for more information on how to take care of your wood or fabric furniture.

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